Panye: A Gamer’s Story

Hey there everyone, my name is Ryan Payne, but you can all call me Panye (no not Panye West, East, North or South. I am my own man).

I’ve been playing games pretty much all my life. When I was only a toddler my Grandma had a Sega Megadrive that i would watch my Dad play when we went round to see her. This then turned into me playing it religiously whenever I was there.

I had almost every version of the Gameboy throughout my childhood, amongst consoles such as Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 etc etc. During my teens i mainly played socially, playing CoD and Fifa (I know right…) with my friends after school and during the holidays.

I always had a laptop during these years too but never really played anything on it because it was a piece of junk if I’m brutally honest.
BUT THEN! One of my friends introduced me to League of Legandosssssss… I loved it. Immediately. Like a mother loves their firstborn child (yeah that’s what I am) at first sight.

Needless to say my Laptop needed to use every last crumb of it’s power to play LoL, and quickly I grew frustrated at not being able to play it very well. So I looked into getting a PC for the first time (we had one growing up but it was awful and I could only play Runescape (even bigger lol)).

So just after my 19th birthday I treated myself to a PC that all in all cost me just over £1000 (oh hi there student finance I see you). It was a beast of a machine at the time. I still have it now but it’s in desperate need of an upgrade.

And so my plunge into PC gaming began, and took hold, hard…

I was finishing my first year of a Physics degree when I bought it, which was fine because the first year of any degree is pretty easy. I was commuting to uni during first year to save money (which went to the PC), but decided to move out of my parents house for my second year and move in with friends.

This was the decision that would later change my outlook on everything…

Second year was amazing, I had all my freedom to go out drinking whenever I want, and I could sit and play games for as long as I want with no one to judge me. I played about 6-7 hours a day. Mainly LoL and DotA 2, with sprinklings of other games as well.

My studies plummeted, I grew less interested in Physics and more interested in games and anything other than studying. To the point where I basically gave up on my degree. I failed multiple modules that year and decided I didn’t want to resit any exams, so I quit university…

This was not an easy decision, I was the first in my family to go to uni and had always had big big expectations on me to go on to do amazing things with an amazing job. But drop out I did.

I was already working part time at a department store when I made this decision, so thankfully I had overtime I could do. However there wasn’t as much as I needed and I owed my parents money for rent they had to pay for me in the summer after my second year (I had already signed a contract for a new student house before my results). It was almost a year before I finally got given full time hours at my workplace. I had applied for other jobs in the mean time but hadn’t been successful.

It was the most stressful year of my life so naturally I drifted away from video games as I had to move back in with my parents and it really didn’t sit well with them if I spent my time sitting around on games when I could be out looking for another job or extra hours.

I have been full time at work for almost 2 years now, and I have made a lot of progress there, working my way up and I do have the option to go into management in the future if I want to. During that time I just didn’t have the option to play games much as work took up a lot of my time.

Last year I moved out of my parents house again with one of my best friends to be closer to work. The only games we played were Fifa again, but it was fun. The exposure to gaming made me realise just how much I had missed it, so I decided to set up my PC again.
I didn’t jump back into anything serious so I just played small things every now and then.

I have now moved out of that house and live in an apartment with my girlfriend I met at work and have been with for over a year now. I have more space for my PC which is why I have returned to LoL after almost 3 years away.
I really am not that good at the game, where I used to play DotA 2 (which is far harder imo) LoL always felt easier so I felt like I was good at the game. I will discuss how I play in more detail in another post, but feel free to take a look at my profile if you want.

The competitive scene has always appealed to me as I am and incredibly competitive person. My fondest memories of early LCS is the old Fnatic side (xpeke, cyanide etc), they were the ones that really got me most into the esports side of the game.
I watch it from every region when possible (due to work time) and hope to take my interest forward if I can, but for now it is purely for fun and for interacting with you guys, the community!!

That’ll be it for my first post, thank you so much to everyone who reads this far, I know it’s been long. You can find my social media on the homepage if you want to keep up with me on there.

This is AyyyPanye, signing off!


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