NA LCS Week 2 Day 1 review

Envy shock everyone against Immortals, whilst Cloud 9 get back to winning ways

by Ryan Payne | @Payney_94 | Jun 10, 2017, 10:00pm BST

Lira continues to shine for Team EnvyUs this split

The biggest story out of Day 1 this week came as Team EnvyUs took on Immortals, hoping to spring a surprise on one of the unbeaten teams from week 1.
Immortals came into week 2 looking well organised, playing around Xmithie’s shot calling, with the highlight their clean win over TSM.

Team EnvyUs had a strong week 1, ending it 1-1, looking positive with early aggression but letting teams back into games in the mid to late game.

With these things in mind, myself and most other people thought this would be a relatively untested win for Immortals, with 90% of people voting for an Immortals win in game 1.

Game 1 picks:
Immortals – Galio/Lee Sin/Ahri/Xayah/Blitzcrank
Envy – J4/Nidalee/Orianna/Varus/Karma

Envy had other ideas though, going with their familiar pick and burst comp, putting Nidalee in the hands of star jungler Lira again. Immortals followed the Chinese/Korean meta, picking Blitzcrank for Olleh in support.
Apollo was the star of this game, starting off very well on Varus, turning round a Immortals engage, picking himself up a double kill.
Kills went back and forward early, Envy ahead 6-5 at 11 minutes, Immortals not coping with Envy’s very high burst, grabbing a kill onto Pirean but giving up a double kill onto Lira.

After using Rift Herald to take Envy’s bottom tower, Immortals were collapsed on, losing 4 members and giving up the games first Baron to Envy at 22 minutes, who earned themselves a 6k gold lead.
Envy’s positive play style was leaving them susceptible to errors, giving up 3 kills during the Baron power play, but regrouped and took their second baron at 30 minutes.
Not long after, Olleh found himself caught out in the midlane, his teammates taking that as queue to counter engage, turning out to be a big mistake, losing 3 more members to Envy, who end the game off of the back of it at 33 minutes with a 14k gold lead.

Immortals picked up 9 kills in game 1, Xmithie playing a part in 7 of them, showing his importance to this team right now.
Every member of Envy had a fine game, playing a big part in the win.

Game 2 picks:
Immortals – Galio/Rek’sai/Orianna/Varus/Thresh
Envy – Renekton/Lee Sin/Ahri/Ashe/Karma

Rather than ban Varus and Orianna for game 2, Immortals decided to pick them for themselves, hoping to get the same success. Envy picked a very similar comp as game 1, with the same intentions.
Immortals knew they needed to shut Apollo down early this time, with a lot of the focus from Xmithie going towards the bot lane, getting himself a double kill on the new Rek’sai.

In their focus, Immortals overextended at the bottom lane, letting Seraph teleport down behind them and lose 2 members as a result.
Xmithie had all 4 of Immortals’ kills 21 minutes in, which appeared to be pushing him to make an impact, getting punished for being out of position behind the entire Envy team.
Envy’s confidence continued to rise, as they realised the advantage was firmly on their side, taking a big fight 4 for 0, using that to get Baron.
A bit later on at 33 minutes, Envy pick up the second Baron with their tails well and truly up, going on to win another fight 4 to 0, ending the game shortly after with a lead of 16k gold and 18 to 5 ahead in kills.

Envy come out of this series looking very, very good. They knuckled down on their mid game shot calling, knowing their early game is one of the league’s strongest, with the lane members carrying more, taking the pressure off of Lira, letting him play without as many restraints.
Xmithie was again the key member for Immortals, involved in all 5 of their kills, getting 4 of them himself. This reliance was their downfall , the other members struggling to make an impact and play positively without him alongside them.

Both teams come out of this game with a record of 2-1 but will have very different emotions about where they stand.

Panye’s prediction: Immortals win 2-0
Series result: Team Envy win 2-0

Apollo with a kda of 6/1/6 in Game 1 on Varus

In the other game of Day 1, two of the teams at 0-2 in Cloud 9 and Phoenix 1, faced off knowing one of them would be picking up their first win of the split.
Sneaky took on the spirit of Rekkles over in EU, picking Kennen at adc in game 1.
Phoenix 1 picked a comp with a bit more pick potential, but still put a lot of their focus around Arrow, who didn’t have a good week 1.

Game 1 picks:
Cloud 9 – J4/Olaf/Orianna/Kennen/Thresh
Phoenix 1 – Gragas/Kha Zix/Ahri/Xayah/Karma

Knowing this, Cloud 9 put a lot of the focus onto P1’s botlane, grabbing first blood onto Arrow, hoping to ’tilt’ him early and stop him getting any confidence.
This continued during the early game, with Contractz ganking 3 more times in the first 13 minutes. After this C9 rotated their members around the map, getting kills mid and top.
At 24 minutes, C9 took the first Baron of the game, using the buff to play out the game in 29 minutes in a perfect game, losing no kills, towers or drakes, over a Phoenix 1 looking incredibly low on confidence.

Game 2 picks:
Cloud 9 – Renekton/Zac/Cassiopeia/Xayah/Rakan
Phoenix 1 – Jayce/Gragas/Taliyah/Kalista/Thresh

Meteos was brought in for Game 2 to play against his former team, hoping this would bring P1 the spark they needed to get a lifeline in the series. They decided to take a more aggressive team comp into this game, taking some of the immense pressure off of Arrow.
Zac was let through the draft, picked up by Cloud 9 onto Contractz, who ganked the top lane, helping Ray’s Renekton to get first blood onto Zig.

Phoenix 1 were able to get the Rift Herald, using it take C9’s top tower and kill Ray again. With this the gold was level at 17 minutes, but not for long as Phoenix 1 get 3 kills in quick succession and take the lead. They extended this lead by taking Baron, taking a 5k gold lead into the 30th minutes.
It was looking very good for Phoenix 1, they were in control of the game, dictating the flow of it, until they took Contractz’ Zac very low on health, at which point they decided to finish him off, but rather than getting the kill, they found the C9 team who took 2 of their lives.
Zig took on Ray 1v1 in the bottom lane, hitting a minion with his Jayce’s Q rather than Ray, losing the fight off of the misplay. C9 took the opportunity to take the Baron, erasing P1’s gold lead they had worked so hard to get.
Not long after, P1 were grouped in their own jungle when Cloud 9 found them. Sneaky managed to get his Xayah’s ultimate onto 4 members of P1, getting himself a triple kill, letting C9 win the game in unlikely fashion at 35 minutes.

Panye’s prediction: Cloud 9 win 2-1
Series result: Cloud 9 win 2-0

Phoenix 1 will feel very aggrieved to have lost Game 2, with it looking very much like they would take it to a third game for much of it. They need to regroup and find a way to get a win as soon as possible, with nothing going their way right now.

On the other hand, Cloud 9 will be happy to have grabbed their first win of the split. Their performance in Game 1 was perfect, and whilst Game 2 wasn’t strong from them in the most part, they can be pleased with how they punished Phoenix 1 for their mistakes very cleanly.

Cloud 9 take themselves to a 1-2 record, whilst Phoenix find themselves stranded at the bottom of the table at 0-3 with lots to improve on.

Cloud 9 stick with Ray in the toplane, getting their first win of the split





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