Looking back at an action packed Day 2 (NA LCS Week 2 Day 2 review)

Team Dignitas inflict more pain upon TSM as other series go as expected

by Ryan Payne | @Payney_94 | Jun 11, 2017, 10:37pm BST

Team Dignitas faced off against TSM hoping to show that their 2-0 start was a legitimate claim to the top of the NA LCS, not just an early flash in the pan.
TSM were hoping to get a win over one of week 1’s better performers and prove their increasing number of doubters wrong.

Game 1 picks:
Dignitas (blue) – Jayce/Lee Sin/Cassiopeia/Varus/Bard
TSM (red) – Kennen/Ivern/Taliyah/Caitlyn/Karma

As the weeks go by, I am starting to doubt Ivern’s impact in the game’s meta right now. Perhaps I’m wrong, as Svenskeren took him into Game 1, with Shrimp (who was subbing in for Chaser) on Lee Sin.
Shrimp’s start to the game was clean and influential, helping Dig get their first 3 kills from his first three ganks. After this the game slowed down in term of kills, only 5 of them in the game at 30 minutes, when Dignitas took an uncontested Baron, already 2 Drakes ahead of TSM too.

As 4 members of TSM bore down on Dig’s bottom inhibitor tower, LOD strolled up the mid lane to take TSM’s mid inhib tower as 3 of his teammates kept TSM at bay. As TSM retreated, Dig took the initiative, taking the bottom inhib tower as well.
Dignitas held a slender 2k gold lead as they took the Elder Dragon, and with Keane’s Cassiopeia at max stacks on his Tear of the Goddess, they ripped through TSM in a clean fight, Keane picking himself up a triple kill and Dig getting the ace, ending the game shortly after.

Game 1 was very positive for Dignitas, Shrimp looked highly impactful in his first game for a long time.

Game 2 picks:
Dignitas (red) – Renekton/Elise/Cassiopeia/Varus/Braum
TSM (blue) – Galio/Lee Sin/Taliyah/Xayah/Rakan

Dig decided to take Cass for Keane again, despite not having much impact until the last team fight. TSM took the increasingly popular couple of Xayah and Rakan in the bottom lane, which showed to be a good choice early on, Doublelift and Biofrost winning a 2v3 fight for first blood.

TSM were having a good time in the top lane, with some strong team fighting, winning multiple trades.
Dignitas did manage to take Baron and a kill however at the 25 minute mark.
Bjergsen pulled out on the best weavers walls I’ve seen so far, cutting off multiple Dig members in the jungle in the tightest of angles possible, helping his team grab 3 kills. At this point in the game everyone was hitting power spikes, and the damage in fights was getting higher, but neither team could take advantage, both taking 1 or 2 enemies out each time.
TSM manage to get the Elder Dragon, so Dig moved to take Baron. In a fight that started with TSM a man down, they managed to finally win the fight outright, getting the ace in a long skirmish that let them take the win in Game 2 at 45 minutes.

Game 3 picks:
Dignitas (blue) – Fiora/Lee Sin/Malzahar/Ashe/Zyra
TSM (red) – Renekton/Elise/Karma/Caitlyn/Bard

I didn’t like TSM’s draft going into Game 3, it seemed to be a bit lopsided, and I’ve really questioned some of their picks for Bjergsen so far this split. He seems to be reigned in and not being allowed to explode with his incredibly high mechanics.
Dignitas managed to get Lee Sin for Shrimp again, and Ssumday got his hands on his Fiora. With Keane going for another Tear stack champion in Malzahar this time.

Hauntzer and Ssumday traded kills early up top, but Shrimp managed to grab a second kill for Dig onto Hauntzer. Doublelift was caught alone bottom whilst Biofrost went roaming on Bard.
Hauntzer and Sven go down again at the top lane, giving Ssumday a 2/1/2 start on Fiora, and Svenskeren’s poor start to the game continued as he died for a third time, just outside the Herald pit on this occasion, Shrimp getting his third kill.
Dig then took Rift Herald in a 2 for 1 fight, continuing to make the most of their fantastic initiation abilities.
At 22 minutes, Dignitas took the game’s first Baron, trading 1 for 1 in the process. Dignitas then took the next Baron, firming their grip on the game, allowing them to move down and take the Elder Dragon, then initiating onto the nearby TSM team, with Ssumday’s huge Fiora getting a triple kill in a 4 for 1 fight, ending the game off of that exchange at 36 minutes with a 12k gold lead.

Team Dignitas played well across the board for most of this series, with Shrimp coming in and making a big impact on Lee Sin in both of their wins. Ssumday continues to be a constant split push threat, and his team will be delighted to have picked up this good win and go 3-0 for the split so far.

TSM continue to struggle, with Svenskeren in particular really struggling right now. Some of their picks are dubious, and I feel like they need to unleash Bjergsen again, setting him free from the utility champions he has been playing, to not much effect, if they hope to improve on their 1-2 record they now own.

Panye’s prediction: TSM win 2-1
Series result: Dig win 2-1

Elsewhere on the day, Team EnvyUs continued their fine start to the split and took a hard fought win over the struggling Team Liquid.

Game 1 picks:
Team Envy (blue) – J4/Elise/Taliyah/Caitlyn/Karma
Team Liquid (red) – Galio/Ivern/Cassiopeia/Xayah/Rakan

Envy gave Apollo a late game carry in Caitlyn, slightly different to how they have previously been playing, normally opting for an aggressive pick comp. Perhaps they expected Liquid to stall the game, thus hoping to strengthen their late game potential.

Liquid started well in Game 1, grabbing 2 kills and an infernal drake, but after Envy took Rift Herald at 16 minutes, it was rather one sided from then on. Envy controlled the objective game well, taking them unanswered, or at worst trading them 1 for 1.
After Goldenglue stuck around too long at the tail end of a fight, he got himself and Matt’s Rakan killed, resulting in Baron for Envy at 28 minutes .
Envy played out the rest of the game patiently, not giving Liquid a look in, which was a big improvement on their previous mid to late game plays as they looked confident in their abilities.

Game 2 picks:
Envy (red) – Renekton/Nidalee/Ahri/Caitlyn/Karma
Liquid (blue) – Kennen/Olaf/Galio/Xayah/Rakan

Game 2 was much better for Liquid, as they turned it into a scrappy affair, not giving Envy any time to settle at all. Reignover looked very comfortable back on Olaf, going incredibly aggressive and invading Lira’s jungle, shutting him down quickly.
Liquid’s team fight synergy was fantastic, Rakan dashing in with Galio’s ultimate following him in.
Every Liquid member looked confident and at home playing together in this style, not shying away from any fight, winning the game in convincing style at 18 kills to 4.
Much better performance from Team Liquid in this one, and hoped to take the momentum into Game 3.

Game 3 picks:
Envy (blue) – J4/Elise/Taliyah/Caitlyn/Karma
Liquid (red) – Galio/Gragas/Lucian/Xayah/Rakan

Liquid continued with Xayah and Rakan in the bottom lane, switching Galio up to the top lane, giving Goldenglue the chance to show how he performs on Lucian in the mid lane.
Envy also stuck to their bot lane partnership and this time it paid off for them. Envy paid a lot of attention to Goldenglue this time, getting first blood on him. A 5 man roam to the bottom lane from Envy saw them gain 2 more kills.
At 26 minutes, Liquid committed to taking Baron, getting it but losing 2 members in the process. It was a positive approach from Liquid getting, not giving up objectives uncontested anymore. Unfortunately this would be their undoing, as when the next Baron came up, Envy baited Reignover into hanging around the Baron pit on his, picking him off take Baron, letting them move into Liquid’s base through the bottom lane.

In a last ditch attempt to salvage the series, Matt tried to start an engage, but found his Rakan very quickly deleted by a very strong Envy side, who used that opening to grab 2 more kills and end the game at 42 minutes with a 17k gold lead.

Team Liquid showed signs of improvement in this series, some better synergy between Reignover and Goldenglue, and will be hoping to keep improving on that, as they look to get their first win of the split.
Envy now improve to a  3-1 record, a fantastic start to the split for them.

Panye’s prediction: Envy win 2-1
Series Result: Envy win 2-1

Echo Fox put up a strong resistance against CLG, but couldn’t stop them going to a 3-0 record.
Grig came in for Akaadian as Echo hoped to show off their strength in depth with their 10 man roster.

Game 1 picks:
Echo Fox (blue) – Kennen/Ivern/Taliyah/Lucian/Karma
CLG (red) – Galio/Rengar/Ahri/Varus/Bard

Echo Fox’ picks did not look strong going into Game 1, a bot lane of Lucian and Karma doesn’t have the pick potential and CC teams like to have right now.
Dardoch went crazy on Rengar during the mid game, after only 1 kill in the game in 17 minutes, he had farmed up to a point where he just exploded, leaping out of almost every bush on the map, even getting himself a quadra kill in the Echo Fox base, before CLG returned not long after to end the game at 37 minutes with a lead of 4 Drakes and 14k gold. A game that did not have much going on in it until Dardoch was farmed enough to annihilate any squishy Echo Fox member, it was a bit of a stroll for CLG.

Game 2 picks:
Echo Fox (red) – Rumble/Lee Sin/Taliyah/Caitlyn/Galio
CLG (blue) – Fiora/Gragas/Orianna/Varus/Zyra

Echo Fox game back strongly in Game 2, with Grig having Akaadian like influence in the game on Lee Sin. Froggen had a fine performance on Taliyah, doing so much damage and getting a kill onto Aphromoo letting Echo take Baron. Because of Froggen’s threat, CLG were having to send 2 members to deal with him, which gave the rest of Echo Fox a numbers advantage around the map.
As the game went on, Echo Fox dragged CLG into scrappy fights, not allowing them to get a foothold in the game, happy to take 1 for 1 trades and keep CLG from fighting as 5 for any period of time.
Echo frustrated CLG before finally managing to win a fight 3 for 1 at 40 minutes, before winning the game with a 9k gold lead.

Game 3 picks:
Echo Fox (blue) – Kennen/Lee Sin/LeBlanc/Varus/Sejuani
CLG (red) – Gragas/Graves/Kassadin/Xayah/Blitzcrank

CLG went into Game 3 with a good pick comp, Huhi bringing out the Kassadin and Aphromoo pleasing everyone with the Blitz.
Gate took Sejuani into the support role again, but it had almost no impact whatsoever.

There was a lot of focus onto the top lane early on with Dardoch and Grig visiting time and time again. Echo had the better of the objectives and kills for the first 21 minutes, gaining a 5k gold lead, and looking like they might go on to inflict CLG’s first defeat.
It wasn’t to be however, as Echo Fox made the call to take Baron, whilst Looper’s Kennen distracted 4 CLG members, but they couldn’t take it quick enough, giving CLG enough time to get up to the Baron pit just in time, killing 4 Echo members and wiping out the gold lead completely.
After that moment, CLG played cleanly and smartly, grinding down Echo Fox and getting their third win of the split at 33 minutes, eventually with a 10k gold lead.

Panye’s prediction: CLG win 2-0
Series result: CLG win 2-1

The final match that took place on Day 2 was Immortals taking on Flyquest. Immortals were looking to get back to winning ways after falling to Team Envy, whilst Flyquest were looking to pick up their first game win of the split, let alone a series win.

Game 1 picks:
Immortals (blue) – Kennen/Gragas/Ahri/Caitlyn/Bard
Flyquest (red) – J4/Elise/Talon/Ziggs/Karma

There were 2 surprising picks on the side of Flyquest, coming in the form of Talon and Ziggs, both of whom haven’t been present so far this split and current meta.

It looked to be a good choice for Fly despite giving up the first 2 kills in the bottom lane, as they collapsed onto Immortals and picked up 3 kills of their own. At 20 minutes, Fly did well to take the Infernal Drake as well as 3 kills, unable to get a good gold lead.
At this point in the game Fly had large amounts of burst, Hai was feeling very confident at diving into Immortals’ backline and getting quick kills onto the carries.

As the game transitioned into the late game, people from both sides were being caught out in bad positions, and Fly’s burst started to disappear and Immortals took over, taking Baron after winning a 3 for 0 fight and gaining the gold lead.
This would signal the end of the game, with Cody Sun securing a quadra kill on his late game Caitlyn, with Immortals winning the game in 47 minutes.

Game 2 picks:
Immortals (red) – Gragas/Lee Sin/LeBlanc/Xayah/Karma
Fly (blue) – Kennen/Rengar/Orianna/Ashe/Lulu

Game 2 started off evenly, with the two sides getting multiple kills in succession. Xmithie secured the Mountain Drake for Immortals, before Flyquest turned on the style and grabbed 7 unanswered kills across the next 2 big team fights, also taking Baron.
Fly patiently took away towers from Immortals, taking all 3 inhibitor towers before securing their second baron and getting the game ending kills in a 2 for 0, winning their first game of the Summer Split.

Game 3 picks:
Immortals (blue) – Renekton/Zac/Ahri/Kog’Maw/Bard
Flyquest (red) – Gragas/Graves/Orianna/Jhin/Zyra

Jhin and Kog were two less common picks taken into Game 3 of this series, with Fly making the fatal mistake of letting Xmithie get his hands on Zac, considered to be the most over powered and ban worthy champion right now.

This proved to be the case, with Immortals’ incredibly dive orientated comp letting late game Kog deal out lots of damage with back line artillery.
It wasn’t all Immortals way, as they lose a 4 for 1 trade in the bottom lane after a committed dive, letting Wildturtle get very far ahead of Cody Sun in kills and cs.
Flyquest continued to be confident, getting themselves a huge 5k gold lead at just 16 minutes into the game.

Unfortunately for Fly they started to slip up, losing fights consistently due to Immortals’ massive cc chain they had in their comp, with Xmithie never being afraid to dive the whole Fly team on Zac. The full turning point was when Immortals succeeded in taking Baron and 4 unanswered kill, leveling the gold difference.
Immortals continued to pick off members of Fly with Zac, using his ‘let’s bounce’ to take multiple champions into his team mates, Fly unable to deal with it.

At 33 minutes Immortals get an ace in a very long fight, winning the game with a 8k gold lead, taking them to a 3-1 record coming out of week 2, whilst Flyquest go to 0-3.

Panye’s prediction: Immortals 2-0
Series result: Immortals win 2-1

Interestingly, 3 of the winners on Day 2 played 2 of their 3 games on the blue side, with only CLG winning from red side in games 1 and 3.



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