NA LCS Week 2 Day 3 preview

Two teams left unbeaten going into Day 3 of week 2

by Ryan Payne | @Payney_94 | Jun 11, 2017, 6:30pm BST

NA’s ‘El Clasico’ match up

Up first on Day 3 are Cloud 9 and Echo Fox. Both teams have had mixed performances so far, with Cloud 9 overcoming Phoenix 1 to get their first win of the split on Friday, and Echo Fox losing out in 3 games against CLG.

This will be a close series, with both teams showing glimpses of being top teams, but definitely have frailties too. Echo Fox look like they will continue to use their 10 man roster, and I think the changes will give Cloud 9 the edge, taking it in 3 and improving to 2-2 for the split.

Panye’s prediction: Cloud 9 win 2-1

We have seen some surprising results so far in Summer, but as we watch unbeaten Dignitas take on a team with no wins in Team Liquid, I don’t think we will see a surprise in this one. Dignitas continue to get stronger with each series, overcoming TSM in 3 games on Day 2, whilst Liquid went down in 3 against Envy, a match they would have highlighted at the start of the split as one they should definitely be winning if they hope to avoid a bottom of the table dogfight again.
Dignitas should be comfortable in this one.

Panye’s prediction: Team Dignitas win 2-0

The old rivalry appears to be coming back. With CLG winning all 3 series so far, they are hoping to dethrone TSM as the champions of NA. And what better way to start that process by sending TSM to a 1-3 record, which is what they will be hoping to do on Sunday.
CLG haven’t looked without faults, but are still finding ways to win (which is something that all winners do). Dardoch started to show signs on Saturday of why they picked him up, with an explosive performance on Rengar against Echo Fox, a champion very much not in the meta at the moment.
As Spring champions, TSM will not be happy at all with their 1-2 start to the split, and neither will there fans. If they lose to CLG on Sunday, the pressure will really start to mount on them, as 1-3 is just not good enough for the TSM fanbase.
I can see this series going any way, but I think a battle of attrition will occur and CLG will take the win in a hard fought 3 game series.

Panye’s prediction: CLG win 2-1

Last up we see Phoenix 1 take on Flyquest, one of whom will seal their first win of the split, sending the other to a 0-4 record.
Based on the stats from their games, Flyquest will not see themselves as a 0-3 team. In their latest series against Immortals, the 2 games they lost, they had considerable leads in but managed to give both games away in the late game.
This will give Phoenix 1 a chance of picking up their first win, as they have been a team looking to scale into the late game and play around the Spring Split MVP Arrow, who has looked like a shadow of his former self so far in summer.
This will be another very close series, that I think Flyquest will manage to win in 3 games, as although their late game seems to be hindering them, I don’t think Phoenix 1 have enough threats on their team right now to punish them in the same way Immortals did.

Panye’s prediction: Flyquest win 2-1




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